Your portrait experience, step by step.

Life is hectic & busy. Things easily go unnoticed people get taken for granted & time flies as we move from day to day…

Wouldn’t it be nice to just stop? To stop just to take time to remember, appreciate & celebrate what’s special, what you love about your life & those people who make it so special.

Now, imagine feeling that powerful love, every single day – all held in beautiful artwork displayed in your home.

Our purposely designed portrait experience help you stop, for a brief time, to reconnect with what you love & with what rocks your world – its incredible.


During these phone conversations, together we discover who you chose to share this amazing photographic experience with & what you hold most dear in your life. This is often an emotional journey, but it rewards throughout your experience.


Your discovery experience is then brought into your photography session. Now we get to photograph all that you love & capture all those meaningful & emotional connections.

Reveal & design

An incredible cinematic experience. Sit back, relax & be wowed as we reveal your unique, personal family portraits.


Once designed, your portraits & artwork will be edited & retouched before being sent in to production. Your artwork will be ready to collect & display in your home within 4-6 weeks.



  • Before your photographic session, we need to learn all about you & what you love the most in your life, so we speak to you all with our “Discovery Calls”, which our clients love
  • On your discovery calls, we’ll learn all about you, what you love & value within your life, your family & activities. We’ll get to know about those you want to share your experience with, why you love them so & how you connect.
  • We’ll also call the special people who you are sharing this experience with, partners & older children for example. This gives us an opportunity of seeing the world through their eyes as well so we can create artwork that is meaningful to everyone
  • During your discovery calls, we’ll discuss your home, style & furnishings along with where you would love to display your unique meaningful artwork & what costs are likely involved.
  • You’ll enjoy several discovery calls. It gives you time, time to gradually focus & reflect on individual, smaller aspects of your life & your world. This time definitely enhances your overall experience


  • Your photographic experience is where we take everything we have learnt about you and those you love the most & translate that into a wonderful photography session for you all to enjoy together.
  • Your session will be between 1-2 hours, taking place in our portrait studio in Thatcham or at a special location discussed during your calls.
  • In order to create artwork you love looking at – we need to capture the real you. So just be yourselves, & don’t panic, your session will be relaxed & enjoyable.  We’ll capture you being you, the natural interactions, love & fun – genuine togetherness & happiness.
  • You will really enjoy the session & will surely be looking forward to your reveal & design consultation.

Reveal & design

  • The exciting bit, the moment we have all been working towards & looking forward to, the cinematic reveal of your portraits.
  • Sit back & enjoy the immersive display, as we reveal the portraits we’ve created together, for the first time.
  • Once you have enjoyed the reveal, we’ll begin your design consultation, helping create the perfect artworks for your home.
  • We’ll help you select & design the very best from your portrait session, creating incredible art work that are perfect for the places in your home & saturated with those feelings you want to remember, each & every day.
  • It’s essential that all decision makers attend the design consultation so the perfect artwork is achieved & so the order is concluded on the day – including payment.
  • We accept a range of payments including debit & credit cards, we also offer easy setup payment plans to suit your needs & to aid making your dream artwork a reality.

Your artwork

  • Our portraits deserve the very best products, bespoke wall art & off the wall products to ultimately enhance & showcase. Our wall art collections start at £1200, individual pieces at just £600 & off the wall products including mounted prints from just £150.
  • After your reveal & design consultation, your selected images are sent in to post production to be professionally enhanced, ready for the production of your final wall art.
  • Our aim is to have your artwork ready for collection within 4-6 weeks of your order. Your finished wall art will be safely packaged & importantly ready to hand and display with huge pride & love within your home (& yes we would love to see a photo!)
  • Your artwork embodies your full experience. The love, happiness & those unique connections recognised in your discovery calls will now be in your home, displayed proudly on your walls of your home. Incredible, meaningful artwork that will serve as the baseline of true happiness forever.