Preparation Nervous Toddler Portrait

Preparation helps incredible toddler’s fear

Recently we enjoyed an amazing photography experience with an incredible family, a real success against all the odds that really showed the importance of the time we invest into during photographic experience BEFORE the shoot. In truth, the most important work is prior to the photography session, and there are two reasons why…

Firstly, people just don’t stop or pause to take notice of the love they feel. The small moments that make our hearts skip, the way a partner makes us feel so safe or the way watching a child playing as they chuckle in a completely unscripted moment in time makes us feel so warm. We reconnect these moments. We want every family member to have their chance to reconnect with how they feel about those they love and their “Why”. Why these things matter. Our job is then to absorb your photographic experience with these incredible emotions/memories – so everyday you have a reminder of your “why”

Secondly, as we are learning, we learn what’ll make your photographic experience amazing and how best to work with each and every person. Often this requires us to put new steps and ideas in place and as our focus is on giving each and every client the very best we are always happy to do whatever it takes.

The family mentioned earlier have shared their story of young Leo, who at such a young age had already had to fight so much. Some of his experiences had left a lasting, scary impression on a young boy only two years old and therefore too young to communicate his thoughts, fears and concerns. Fair to say a new and different challenge for us to work with.

Please take a few minutes to read how we learned all about Leo and completely changed our approach to ensure he felt safe, comfortable and at ease. The end result was an amazing portrait session that the family will treasure for years.

Read below Leo’s mum’s account of her experience of working with us right from the start in her own words

If you’re feeling uncertain about having a photoshoot, I can absolutely relate. The year before our photo shoot with Adam our 2year old son, Leo, had a major skull operation. As part of his major operation, he’d been photographed in a medical studio – the photos would be used to teach medical students about the rare condition he had. I was worried that Leo would be afraid to go back to a studio environment and we wouldn’t capture any of his gorgeous, natural smiles and giggles.

I contacted Adam to ask if I could bring Leo to the studio to test his reaction before making any commitments, and I’m so glad that I did! We pencilled in a photoshoot and scheduled an introductory visit the week prior. Adam was great with Leo and I. Initially Leo was nervous, as I expected, and hid behind me. Adam engaged me in friendly, relaxed conversation and let Leo warm up in his own time; as he became more confident, Adam showed him around the studio and introduced him to the different gadgets and sounds he would see and hear during the shoot. Adam even captured a few snaps of Leo and I sitting down and talking about the studio, Leo looked more natural than I could have ever imagined, even in those practice shots.

Adam understood that although Leo had reacted well once, it could be different next time. It was reassuring that Adam had the flexibility to work around Leo’s needs and he wouldn’t be pressured to perform for the camera when he wasn’t comfortable. Adam was clear that, if it wasn’t the right time for Leo, we could reschedule and try again.

A week later, we went back to the studio with Leo’s little sister and daddy as well. Leo took a few moments to remember the studio and warm up again but Adam quickly put the whole family at ease. We had a lovely time laughing and playing – Adam captured Leo as the relaxed, smiley boy we know at home. We have memories to treasure forever! I’d definitely recommend getting in touch.

Georgina, Leo’s mum

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