Our Story

The start

I’m Adam Hillier, the owner of The Portrait Company.

Having over 15 years experience as a professional photographer in the portrait, wedding and commercial sectors under my own name Adam Hillier Photography, I always wanted a dedicated portrait studio company, a portrait brand separate from my other photography.

My dream was a brand with an identity that reflected the quality of what we create, a brand to (eventually) became a house hold name for family & pet portraits and a brand under which I could train & nurture new photographers. This was my dream.

As the Covid pandemic struck in 2019, time was bestowed upon us. This gave me the time and space to build and realise my dream. So I set about designing this new brand, focussed on beautiful family and pet portraits, with incredible service – a true experience for everyone involved.

The Portrait Company was born in June 2021

Me, Adam Hillier, away from work

Away from the studio, I am a family man through and through. My family are my world and totally my reason why.

I’m married to Emma, a hugely successful midwife and father to three incredible children. Ben, our eldest and a budding musician, Joseph our middle child and the worlds next computer game designer and Lucy our youngest who wanted to be a forensic expert – but doesn’t like blood & is very squeamish!! I love them all so much.

In terms of hobbies, when time allows, I love Formula 1 & football, I actually love decorating and interior design and if I had the time I would bake cake all day every day – for both reasons.

The Future

The Portrait Company is brand new, but I have lots of experience and know exactly what I’m doing. The new artwork for our clients to be inspired by is ordered and the studio is open and the wheels are turning. From here, it is full steam ahead, giving all of our clients an experience beyond anything they could have imagined – growing the already large & loyal fan base we’ve gathered over the last 15 years.

So here is to the future, positivity, growth & enjoyment. We hope to see you along the way