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“My world, my everything”

It’s not uncommon, when speaking to new parents, to hear the phrase “he’s my world, my everything”.

When speaking with Natalie however, what made this sentence so incredible was that although she & Jonathon have recently become parents to the gorgeous Charlie who they love immeasurably, these beautifully spoken words were used to describe Jonathon. Jonathon has totally stepped up, he Natalie’s world, he is Natalie’s everything.

Anyone who has or is currently parenting knows how tough it can be, especially first time round. It’s hard. Really hard. The lack of sleep, the not really knowing what you are doing, the loss of the carefree independence, more lack of sleep and the general lack of the “How to” manual that should be provided with all new babies. It’s tough.

Now, when that beautiful baby isn’t settled, it’s harder still. Fatigue kicks in, worry starts, the helplessness starts, the doubting yourself creeps in and the tiredness grows. When this carries on for days & those days become weeks, every single human drains. This is where Natalie found herself, and honestly, I completely understood, I could hear it all in her voice as we spoke on the phone. Then there was Jonathon. Natalie described Jonathon as “Her world, Her everything” but also described herself as being so lucky to have him and that he is her “better half”, very worthy praise for some of the most incredible support both physically & emotionally, whilst running his own business and all during a global pandemic. So very deserved praise.

Confidence is a skill that is easily smashed, especially when you are sleep deprived. Speak to Jonathon, as I did at length and his first description of how he felt about Natalie was that he was in “Awe of how great she is doing”, and how he loved silently watching here sit and sing to Charlie “You can just see how much love she has for him” Jonathon said describing these moments he witnesses.

The praise went both ways. The admiration was mutual. It just wasn’t really being felt or heard. I love our portrait business and that we get to have such a deep connection with clients. It was beautiful in their portrait session to let each other know what had been said about them, acting as a conduit to reinforcing just how well they are both doing. How brilliantly they are working as a team, supporting each other and being the strength the other needs, and amazing at just how much they loved each other.

The problem is, when you are tired and emotional, you just don’t feel, here or see this – but having gone through this experience, seeing them smile and enjoying time with Charlie, I’m sure today they felt united again, confident, not defeated but really supported – and I love that.

Well done you guys, you are BOTH doing absolutely amazing.

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