Lola, The Dog Who Healed Hearts

Below is a moving story, written by one of our wonderful clients, sharing how their portrait experience really helped their family cope with grief. We will always remember this family and we are so grateful they were so willing to share their story

A few years ago our family was hit with the hardest news ever, sadly we lost a family member who was the glue that held us together , my mum suddenly passed away.
For ages I was in shock and my heart was broken in so many pieces and the house was just sad as grief had taken over, my children looked as lost as I felt.

A year after she had passed we rescued a beautiful dog who instantly became an important part of our family, we learnt that she had had a rough start to life and that we were going to give her a second chance at life but the truth is that she was the one that gave us a second chance. Lola was bringing smiles and laughter back in our home that I thought I would never hear and see again, day by day she was healing our hearts.  She is not just a dog but part of our family and her story is one to be told, I entered a competition that I saw on facebook, I didn’t think anything would happen from it, but I did hope that someone would read Lola’s story and realise that she is an incredible soul.

One day I got a call from Adam and I cried so much on the phone to him when he told me that Lola had won the competition. Adam was so easy to talk to that I started to tell him my story off pain loss and then how I came to smile again through the love from a dog and he was so calming and understanding and he decided that he didn’t want to just take photos of Lola but of the whole family with Lola.

Adam was so easy to talk to it was as if I was talking to a family friend. We spoke on the phone a few times and he got to understand my family through my eyes and how much they all mean to me not only as a unit but individually.

We went to Adams studio and I was very nervous as Lola is a shy dog who doesn’t like people she’s never met before. But she ran up to Adam and was treating him as if he was her owner, we all felt comfortable and we felt like we were at home. The photo-shoot was one of those days that I will never forget for the rest of my life. We laughed, smiled and made memories that Adam caught on camera so amazingly.

When my husband and I went back to see the photos, well lets just say I cried so much not sad tears but tears of joy seeing my family caught in a way that makes us us. Adam captured my children’s smiles and Lola’s features just looked incredible.

I can’t thank Adam enough for the memories that he has given me, I will forever cherish these amazing works of art for the rest of my life

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