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Your Family & Pet Portrait Photographer

Welcome to The Portrait Company, your leading Family Portrait Studio. We have been family portrait photographers for over 15 years, working as family photographers both in our studio & out on location. As family people, parents & dog owners ourselves, we know just how special our beautiful family portrait is, so we get how important yours is to you.

We are proud to offer all aspects of Family Portraits from whole families to children, maternity to babies, individuals to large groups. Our approach is always relaxed and easy-going, achieving images that have lots of personality & emotional connection, photographs you’ll love looking at everyday.

Knowing that most people want a lovely portrait but don’t like having their photos taken, we are known for how great we are at helping you all to relax & feel comfortable in front of the camera – to the point you’ll all enjoy yourselves.

Your Family Portrait Will…


you with all that matters most to you. Feel that love every day, even if they are at work or school.


each person in the family. Let it be seen just how loved & important everyone is to each other


what matters most in your life, every single day through your new artwork.


your true why, your world, perfectly captured & preserved. Let everyone see the special love & bond you share.

It’s not what we do, it’s the difference we make.

We don’t just care about portraits, we care about you. Read our clients words…

Your family portrait session in 4 simple steps

Life is hectic & busy, things easily go unnoticed or taken for granted. Time is moving so fast as we simply move from one day to the next.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just stop to take time to remember, appreciate & celebrate what you love about your life & those people who make it so special.

Our portrait sessions help you do just that, they reconnect with what you love & with what rocks your world – it’s incredible.

1. Discovery

Together, we’ll learn about those you love & what means the most to you. Often an emotional discovery that rewards throughout your portrait session.

2. Photography

Your family portrait photographer will bring this understanding into your portrait session. Now we get to photograph all that you love & capture those meaningful & connections.

3. Reveal & Design

An incredible cinematic experience. Sit back, relax & be wowed as we reveal your unique, personal family portraits.

4. Artwork

Your portraits & artwork will be professionally & sent for production. Your artwork will be ready to collect & display in your home within 2-4 weeks.

Your artwork for your home

Where in your home would you love to display your artwork? Somewhere you can see & be instantly taken to that love, those feelings and those connections.

Artwork makes a house a home, your artwork will be uniquely yours, saturated with all you love most in life, the most special artwork you’ll ever invest in.

We can design something to suit everyone.

Get the best from your family portrait session

Your expert photographer will guide you from the very start through every step.

We really care, so we’ll get to know you so well, so we can help capture the very best of you & those you love.

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Our Client’s Stories

You see a beautiful portrait, but it’s so much more